Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering

Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering

24 Dec, 2022
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About The Course

Practitioners in the industry suggest that there could be a market demand for a Practicing Facility Management course. There are very few PEIs that offer this type of course, and a qualification in this area would help the learner to progress in his career despite the competitive field and challenging job market. This course would help learners to understand the component of Facilities Management practices and assist the learner improve the knowledge and skill to adopt in facilities management and daily coordination of work activities in the best interest of the organization.

This course equips students with the fundamental knowledge and skills drawn from facilities operational work that include coordination with the owner and third party outsource to provide the maintenance programs like air-conditioners, lifts, lighting, plumbing and energy management, BMS (Building Management System), maintenance of M&E systems building, and also carry out electrical installation, and monitoring & conducting energy audits. To maintain the stability and prevent sick building syndrome occurring in buildings, this course provides the future learners to meet market needs for technically-trained personnel with good knowledge and skills in this area of operations and will be ideal for students who wish to enhance their career prospects in this field.

Diploma in Practicing Facility Management course is designed to educate students with the essential engineering and management knowledge that is applied in the building service engineering and facilities management sector. This course equipped the students with the basic understanding of the fundamental principles involved in building engineering maintenance and facility management that form the basis of building infrastructure management and maintenance that daily activity from managing the aspect of M & E engineering, building infrastructure like air conditioning system, lift and escalators, lighting, plumbing and finally the building management system console operation monitoring tracking the environmental air quality within the building and monitoring & conducting energy audits. Occasionally, the facility management may manage the A & A project within the building, which the learners exposed the practical knowledge of project management.

The Course Curriculam

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mechanics

Safety, Health and Environment

Sustainable Practices in Singapore

Occupational Skills

Micro and Macro Economics

Introduction to Facilities Management

Managing Workplace Services

Co-ordination of Building Maintenance in Facilities Management

Facilities Management Projects

Customer and Stakeholder Relationship in FM

Operational Performances in FM



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